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We know that not all businesses require a sprawling website with boundless features. We also want to knock down the high budgetary bar that having a professional website requires. So we work one-on-one with individual clients to create price points and payment plans that meet their budgets. 

However, not everyone is comfortable or willing to go out of their way to get a quote for something they don't know if they have the money for. That's why we have tried to provide the following estimates and example prices for our services. Keep in mind that no two clients pay the same, since no two projects are the same.

Website Development

Let's say Joe's Phone Repair Shop wants their own website. What will it require?

  1. A few pages detailing the services and products they offer.
  2. The ability for multiple staff members to log in and manage information like pricing and service details.
  3. A couple of forms for potential clients to fill out with information about the type of damage to their phone, the type of phone, and their contact information, so that Joe's Phone Repair Shop can contact them with an estimate on price and potential service date.
  4. A photo gallery of before and after pictures for the phones and other devices they've successfully repaired.
  5. A tool for potential clients to search the phone models available for repair.

What are some of the factors that will affect this pricing? The ability to have multiple user accounts, forms that can be submitted and have their results emailed to the customer and Joe's Phone Repair Shop, the ability to upload and have a gallery of high resolution pictures are all features that impact the pricing of the site.

Provided that this business has all their information compiled, (including details of their services, pictures of their phone repairs, lists of the phone models they repair, etc.) their website may cost around $1000.

Website Hosting

Our hosting of websites tends to be more straightforward in pricing terms. Whether we developed the site or you already have what you want, we can usually host your site for around $10/month or $100/year. This includes the maintenance of the server your site is on.

Website Maintenance

There are two levels of website maintenance: Standard and Management.

Standard level maintenance involves keeping your website up-to-date with any security fixes necessary and some minor bug fixes. Depending on the size and feature-set of your site, this may range anywhere from $10-$30 per month.

Management level management involves everything included with the Standard level, as well as making content updates or feature additions/updates. Again, this pricing depends on your site, but may range anywhere from $50-$100 per month. It is possible to upgrade to this level of maintenance for just one month at a time if you choose.